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Hand crafted to your exact requirements by Chris Ward

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The construction starts with a commission from the customer. Every horse is carved to order so that each customer receives a horse of the exact specification they require.
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Most of my horses are now traditionally dappled but I still make a few from American Cherry which is all obtained from sustainable sources.

Once the timber is chosen the 24 pieces are cut out and painstakingly fitted together with attention to customer requirements such as the tilt of the head and neck. In the under body of the horse is a screw on cover to the time capsule in which the customer can put their families momentos, keep sakes, babies lock of hair etc (except small horses).

The next step is of course the easy part! All the carver has to do is take away all the wood that doesn't look like a Horse, none of the horses are exactly the same and they all have a different character.

Glass eyes are then fitted followed by a polish that allows all the rich character of the grain to be fully appreciated.
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Alternatively of course with a dapple horse there are base coats, gesso (rabbit skin glue and whiting appled hot), tint coats, dappling and finally the antiquing finish.

Real horse hair mane and tail is then fitted and the horse is then tacked up using best quality leather. The bridle is removable and the stirrups and other metal parts are of solid brass.

Making the stand is the next step, I prefer using the safety stand as it doesn't move around the room to damage furniture and it doesn't trap other children's toes under the rockers. It is made from English Ash as it is durable, sustainable and gives a nice contrast to other woods.

A brass engraved plaque is then mounted onto the stand with the wording to the customers requirements.

This brief resume doesn't show the detail and care that goes into every horse. They are timeless examples of craft, toys and furniture and represent extremely good value for your family.

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